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Our Government's Real Heartbeat

Kris Millegan, 2000
Daniel Hopsicker is an unsung hero whom I first met online, oh, maybe around 1997. He was one of the originals at Kris Millegan's chat room known as CIA-Drugs. I had been invited to join the exclusive list after being a member of Kris' first list called the "Conspiracy Theory Research" group. At CIA-Drugs I was mostly a lurker and would probably never have advanced beyond that stage had Catherine Fitts not descended upon my humble abode in August 2000 and enticed me into doing research with her on the background of Pug Winokur, a subject which I'll eventually get around to here.

It is entirely possible Catherine may have been driving home from the CIA-Drugs Symposium in the early summer of 2000, which I had been afraid to attend. Preston Peet's article, complete with photos, written for High Times was entitled "Tracking The CIA Through Snowdrifts Of Drugs." Daniel presented his then recently completed video "Secret Heartbeat of America" inspired by the 1987 murder of two high school boys near Mena, Arkansas.

The story of Barry Seal is still what motivates Daniel's life and his search for truth about that secret government apparatus that turns brave young patriots into drug lords. His commitment to telling history honestly is what makes him a hero in my book:

The Secret History

So, we'd stared into the Heart of Darkness. The Heart of Darkness had stared right back. Allegations and speculation are not proof. The truth, indeed, is still out there.
But, for what little they're worth, here are my speculations about our journey into the secret history of our life and times.
I don't believe that the 'drug smuggler' Billy Bob Bottoms is any more a drug smuggler than you or I. I believe him to be a paid representative of the government of the United States of America acting under the doctrines of plausible deniability. Why? Just a hunch. I liked him too much. He was a Navy pilot. His brother in law Barry Seal was a Special Op guy. These were our best and our bravest men.
Here's what I would like to know. Who convinced men like Bear Bottoms that what they were doing was in the best interests of our country? What valid reasons might there be for our country's national security apparatus to be involved in the drug industry? Unless someone steps forward to make the argument for why this might be in our national interest, I'll wonder.
And here's what I've learned. Some things we'll never know for sure. The opposition's way too good for that. For example, I'm convinced, to the depths of my heart, that there was a coup d'etat in the United States of America in 1963. That the bad guys never got caught. And that, chances are, they still run things.
I will never, as long as I live, forget our 'Midnight ride to Mena,' seated beside tour guide and American hero Russell Welch. I'm convinced that what I saw there that night was a fully functional and operational secret government installation.
By that, I do not mean a secret installation of the government of the United States of America. Unh-uh. What I believe I saw, and what I believe exists in Mena, Arkansas today... is an installation of the secret government that runs the government of the United States of America.
And here's what I suspect: that today, long after Oliver North has become nothing but a minor league radio DJ... and long after the contra war is just a fading memory of yet another minor league war, our government--yours and mine--is going about the lucrative worldwide business of drug production and distribution.
It's the secret heartbeat of America. And it's as American as apple pie.

Daniel Hopsicker
January 29,1997
All rights reserved.
Daniel's videos and books are still available for purchase at Amazon.

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