What does Linda Minor muse about?

Before I created the Quixotic Joust blog, for several years I wrote research articles for a now defunct website owned by Sanders Research Associates. Those articles were later uploaded to a website I created called Minor Musings. I recently removed this site from the internet but saved the domain name, and am now using it to post the history of the Brown Brothers & Co. investment bank, as well as the Baltimore bank called Alex. Brown & Sons. If time permits, I may even recreate some of the old articles originally published under this name.

The subject I muse about relate mostly to political power--who has it, and how did they get it? Much of  the history of the political power in New England can be traced back to opium because that was where the big money was in the early and mid 1800s. Several of the families whose wealth can be directly traced back to that opium money, were researched for the Minor Musings website, and the articles were later transferred to another blog called Where the Gold Is, and many of those appear in the frame to the right under the heading, Popular Posts.

Skull and Bones was born during that same era, in 1832 to be precise, and that Yale secret society followed the Hegelian dialectical process which teaches its initiates to control both sides of any argument. 'Minor Musings' articles began by tracing the aristocracy of Yale, and they were written as the election of 2004 unfolded. Who were those two Skull and Bonesmen who had vied over leadership of the United States? John Forbes Kerry versus George Walker Bush, two men from the same secret society, working for the same goal?

Because of the cost of maintaining the original website, I began to revise the original research from 'Minor Musings' and post the updated articles to a blog called Where the Gold Is. The work is ongoing because even retired people have lives to live. 

This Quixotic Joust blog keeps me equally busy, if not more so, as I, under the guise of Don Quixote, muse about the windmills I see in the distance. Are they the evil giants my eyesight tells me they are, or something more benign? 

Only you can decide. Enjoy the journey, and the joust.