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Daniel Hopsicker wants to know

Kris Millegan
Kris Millegan is a musician, who became fascinated with spies after his own father disclosed to him one day that he had been one. But that was not all Kris learned about his father, who had personally worked with a "quiet American" named Colonel Edward G. Lansdale. He learned that the Central Intelligence Agency was into pushing drugs on innocent, well-meaning peaceniks much like Kris himself. You see, that's where the market was. Even before Lansdale was a spy, he had been a marketer, like so many free-enterprise Americans who want enterprise to be not free, but lucrative. What they want to be free is the card they receive that gets them out of jail when they violate the law.

Daniel Hopsicker knows all about those "get out of jail free" cards. He's been writing about them for years since first joining Kris Millegan's research list known as CIA-Drugs.  In May 2000 Daniel was headed for Oregon to attend Millegan's first and only CIA-DRUGS SYMPOSIUM, to be held in Eugene. The event featured:

  • Rodney Stich, author of Unfriendly Skies, Drugging America, and Defrauding America
  • Peter Dale Scott, an authority on the drug trade, as well as on the deep political corruption behind the JFK assassination; 
  • Catherine Austin Fitts, who at that time was just starting to discover who was behind the destruction of her own experience with free enterprise; 
  • Cele Castillo, 12-year veteran of the Drug Enforcement Administration; and 
  • Michael C. Ruppert, former cop turned writer, who was intent on disclosing connection between "the C.I.A." and narcotics trafficking.
Kris Millegan would go on to author and edit a treatise called Fleshing out Skull and Bones, dealing with power, money, and the American way. The American way of corrupting the Constitution upon which the country was founded by the descendants of that same elite bunch who founded it, not least of which is Yale's Skull and Bones society itself.

 Daniel would go on to write Barry and 'the Boys': The CIA, the Mob and America's Secret History and to produce a video entitled "Welcome to Terrorland: Mohamed Atta & the 9-11 Cover-up in Florida." Daniel would also create a website called The Madcow Morning News, which, some might say, was obsessed with putting away a man called Rudi Dekkers. 

But Daniel had never heard of Rudi Dekkers in May 2000, when he arrived in Oregon for Kris' symposium. Back then his obsession was still about America's "secret history" and about Barry Seal, a "drug smuggler and aircraft pilot who flew covert flights for the FBI, Central Intelligence Agency and the MedellĂ­n Cartel." 
It was the last year that Bill Clinton was in office, and the "crimes of Mena, Arkansas" were soon to give way to conspiracy researchers delving into the real reasons behind the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center buildings in 2001. 

Some members of Kris' CIA-Drugs group were even researching whether former CIA agent Edwin Wilson was still in "the C.I.A." when he sold C-4 explosive in 1977 to Libya, as a consequence of Houston Judge Lynn N. Hughes' appointing a lawyer for the former agent  to consider new evidence in Wilson's case. Hughes' ruling, which took four years, eventually set Wilson free: “Because the government knowingly used false evidence against him and suppressed favorable evidence, his conviction will be vacated.” 

Between the time of the presentation of Wilson's motions and the ruling, Michael Ruppert had written in March 2000 in his emailed [since archived] newsletter, From the Wilderness:
...In the meantime Ed Wilson has just asked for contempt charges against 14 of
Ed Wilson
the biggest legal names in and out of government. And his attorney is moving for summary judgement because Judge Lynn Hughes, in Houston, is sitting on Wilson's explosive motion to dismiss the conviction and not rendering a decision. One Federal Judge, Stanley Sporkin, has already retired and two more, one on the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, are on the verge of having their rights read to them and of being accused of perjury and of withholding exculpatory evidence. The CIA risks being exposed as having deliberately armed Moammar Qadaffy at the instigation of George Bush. Retired CIA Associate Deputy Director of Operations (ADDO) Ted Shackley stands on the verge of being exposed for perjury and worse. And the Department of Justice is close to being exposed, in open court, of having hidden crimes by high-ranking members for more than 17 years. Now that's the kind of  edifice-crumbling upheaval that may eventually lead to letting a lot of innocent people out of prison - not just one. But only If it is pursued and capitalized upon.

Edwin Wilson writes to me:
Dear Sir:
I have received your January 28 issue and thank you for a favorable article. My problem is this place [Federal Penitentiary, Allenwood, Pa.] makes it almost impossible to communicate. So I ask you to stay in touch with [Attorney David] Adler who has better, up to date, information than I. Also, I want to cooperate with you. By the way, the article you sent me is missing pages 6&7. Some machine also hates me!
                            Many thanks,
                            Ed Wilson

The story had first hit the news in the fall of 1999:
 The Associated Press
HOUSTON (AP) - Former CIA officer Edwin P. Wilson, jailed since 1983 for illegal arms smuggling to Libya, has filed an appeal accusing federal prosecutors of knowingly using a false affidavit to convict him.

Wilson's claims are accompanied by hundreds of secret government memos that his lawyers obtained.

Wilson's main job for the CIA before he retired in 1971 was setting up front companies abroad while posing as a rich American businessman. He lived his cover to the hilt and made himself a multimillionaire in the process. He was arrested in 1982 after being lured out of Libya by a government informant and was sentenced to 52 years in prison.

The appeal is of a 1983 conviction for shipping 20 tons of C-4 plastic explosives from Houston's Intercontinental Airport [now intriguingly named George Bush Intercontinental Airport] to Libya. Even if his appeal were successful, Wilson would still face prison time on two other convictions. But his defense attorney, David Adler, believes similar evidence exists that could throw out a Virginia conviction of Wilson for illegally exporting guns to Egypt.

Adler said the secret government memos detail lengthy efforts to hide the use of the false [Briggs] affidavit and prosecutors' failure to release information that would have aided Wilson's defense during his 1983 Houston trial on charges of selling tons of explosives to Libya.

Wilson claims that his dealings with Libya, for which he was convicted, were the result of a CIA request that he ingratiate himself with the Libyans after he officially retired from the agency.

The affidavit by then-CIA Executive Director Charles Briggs, the agency's No. 3 official, said the agency had not asked Wilson either directly or indirectly to provide any service to the agency after he retired.

A four-volume appeal filed Sept. 8 includes more than 800 pages of exhibits that allegedly show government lawyers knew the crucial affidavit was false the night before it was presented in court.

The documents show that Wilson in fact had some 80 contacts with the CIA from his retirement through 1978 and provided a variety of services, including arranging gun sales to a Saudi Arabian security agency and the shipment of two desalinization units to Egypt.

Documents also show prosecutors then spent nearly eight months discussing whether to disclose that fact to the court and Wilson's lawyers.

The evidence was enough to prompt an unusual courtroom admission earlier in March from Justice Department attorney Arlene Reidy.

"We have a lot of documents already that I think show that there was a clear problem with the affidavit's accuracy and that the individuals involved were well aware of that problem," Ms. Reidy told U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes, according to a transcript.

The former CIA general counsel, Stanley Sporkin, now a federal judge in Washington, D.C., said Tuesday there was no intention to cover up. Rather, he said, officials had a difference in philosophies about how to handle the information about Wilson's activities.

"It would be wrong to think this was in bad faith,'' Sporkin said.

The Justice Department has until mid-January to respond to the appeal. If Wilson's conviction was overturned, he could be retried.

The secret documents were obtained by Wilson's defense under the Freedom of Information Act and through court discovery. They were resealed by Hughes on Sept. 23, but The Associated Press had obtained copies before the order was signed.

Speaking from federal prison in Allenwood, Pa., Wilson said the alleged conspiracy against him was motivated by ambition.

"A few greedy people in the government saw an opportunity to make a name for themselves,'' Wilson said. "The longer I was in prison, the more they had to cover it up and it keeps going higher.''
Another intriguing coincidence? Sporkin would end up being appointed the judge in Catherine Austin Fitts' own civil trial against the man whom she sued for his role in bringing down her business. Business as usual.

It is now 2013, thirteen years later, and another defendant awaits trial in Judge Hughes' courtroom--none other than Daniel Hopsicker's current obsession, Rudi Dekkers. Can there possibly be a connection with that new evidence presented by Edwin Wilson in 1999 relating to his arrest in 1982. The evidence concerned the memorandum signed by Charles A. Briggs, who was then executive director of the C.I.A., as revealed in Hughes' opinion in the Wilson case:
To rebut Wilson’s evidence, on February 4, 1983, the government introduced an affidavit from Charles A. Briggs. Briggs served as the CIA’s inspector general until mid-1982 when he became its executive director—the third highest ranking official of the CIA. In the affidavit, he swore that—with one exception—the CIA did not ask Wilson to work for it after he officially stopped working there. Briggs declared:
“The search [of CIA records] revealed that Mr. Edwin P. Wilson terminated his employment with the CIA on 28 February 1971, and was not re-employed thereafter in any capacity.

According to Central Intelligence Agency Records, with one exception while he was employed by Naval Intelligence in 1972, Mr. Edwin P. Wilson was not asked or requested, directly or indirectly, to perform or provide any service, directly or indirectly, for [the] CIA.”

What will happen? Will Rudi make it to trial? Will he get out of jail free?

Is there somehow a link between George (Poppy) Bush's CIA, for which Edwin Wilson worked and the CIA of his son, Dubya Bush, which was lurking behind the scenes of 9/11?

Daniel Hopsicker wants to know:

Rudi Dekkers is scheduled to go on trial in Houston next month for cocaine and heroin trafficking, unless, that is, something happens between now and then. Courthouse observers suggest the trial will never take place.  They note that Dekkers’ defense lawyers continue to attempt to hammer out a plea deal with the U.S. Attorney’s Office before he goes on trial.
Will Dekkers—facing as long as 20 years in Federal prison—get a sweetheart deal? And if he does, will it be in exchange for his testimony…or his silence?
Hanging in the balance is the answer to one of 9/11’s biggest mystery: Where did Rudi Dekkers get his "juice?"


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