Monday, June 27, 2011

Harold Weisberg and Alonzo "Lonnie" Hudkins

PRESENT: MR, JIM GARRISON, District Attorney
and ANDREW SCIAMBRA, Assistant District Attorneys
* * * * *
Gentlemen, Mr, Weisberg, as you probably know, is the author of "Whitewash I" and "Whitewash II"- have you completed "Whitewash III" - or are you working on it?

A. No, I completed a book called "Oswald in New Orleans, CIA Whitewash", and have about a month's work yet on a  book I call "Manchester Machiavelli - The Unintended, Unofficial Whitewash". I am sorry I did not know I was going to speak to you and I‘would have brought more documents from "Whitewash III", which is going to be largely documents. I have been ransacking the Archives every time I could get down to Washington and I have a few of these things with me that I wilI be glad to show you.

May I suggest that there are two other areas which I think you will be very helpful to us since you are one of the leading experts on one, which would be the assassination scene
and some of the indications that the Warren Commission missed the boat, for example, that there were shots from the front, etc, And secondly, since you have written something about
the CIA in our group, and very much off the record, there seems to be some CIA involvement here in the New Orleans phase. So I think these gentlemen would be real interested in what you have to say about that. ***

Q. When the FBI came to talk to him this interview with all the others were all together. When he came to talk to Oswald he took them separately.

A. Even Bringuier complained about that. And what does the FBI agent testify - oh, he says 'everybody does it. This is Hosty part of the course, everybody does it. And he/burned his notes after the assassination by a month, of the questioning of Ruth Payne [sic] and Marina. That's in their sworn testimony. Some of these items are very strange, some are not identifiable and this is a very mysterious thing, would you care to pass that around and if you like I can give you an actual size copy of it, in Lt. Martello's handwriting. One of the things I found that looked like the word pouch in his notebook within a page of that was microducts . . .

Q. Microducts was in the notebook and also fingerprints?

A. Yes. Now this is only one of the things. I presume that you know that Alonzo Hudkins was never called before the Commission. He was a Texas reporter . . . He was the man who was told by the Chief Criminal Deputy in Dallas, Allan Sweat, [possibly Allan Sweatt] that Oswald was an FBI employee with a known number getting $200.00 a month and the way he proved this was not so was not to call Sweat before the Commission nor Hudkins, he just asked Mr. Hoover and Mr. Hoover said it didn't happen. They didn't call Thayer Waldo, who was a reporter, and from whom I have a letter. He was told by the same officials, who doesn't say who but he says officials, exactly the same story, they don't call him, but if you will turn to page 50 in Whitewash II you will find the facsimile of part of the document that I got in the Commission's files, Wesley Leibeler again - he knew all of this - is the man who introduced all of the photographic evidence incompetently and too late. And not one case did he ask the witness what camera were you using, what kind of lens, what kind of film, here is a chart mark yourself on the chart....

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